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September 2019 Community Occurrences

September 2019 Incident Report

9/10/2019 Vandalism Hwy 39 North De Kalb, MS

9/13/2019 Grand Larceny (Artic Cat 550 XTR 4-Wheeler) Roebuck Rd Preston, MS

9/18/2019 Burglary Highway 45 Porterville, MS

9/19/2019 Grand Larceny (Zero Turn) Stokes Rd Preston, MS

9/29/2019 Disturbance Birch Street DeKalb, MS

9/29/2019 Disturbance of Family Hwy 45 South De Kalb, MS

9/30/2019 Vandalism Scooba, MS

9/30/2019 Burglary John C Stennis Avenue De Kalb, MS


August 2019 Community Occurrences

August 2019 Incident Report

8/2/2019 Grand Larceny Hwy 493 De Kalb, MS

8/4/2019 False Pretense Eddie K Rd Porterville, MS

8/8/2019 Domestic Violence Old Jackson Rd De Kalb, MS

8/21/2019 Domestic Violence Six Mile Rd Scooba, MS

8/30/2019 Burglary of Dwelling Old Jackson Rd De Kalb, MS

July 2019 Community Occurrences

July 2019 Incident Report

7/2/2019 Stolen Package Firetower Rd De Kalb, MS

7/9/2019 Malicious Mischief McDaniel Rd Collinsville, MS

7/18/2019 Disturbance Walter Reed Preston, MS

7/24/2019 Breaking & Entering Highway 397 Preston, MS

7/27/2019 Fraud Kemper Springs Rd De Kalb, MS

7/30/2019 B&E School Rd Porterville, MS


June 2019 Community Occurrences

June 2019 Incident Report

6-4-2019 B&E Hwy 39 South DE Kalb, MS  

6-4-2019 Malicious Mischief Bloomfield Rd Preston, MS

6-4-2019 Burglary Hwy 39 S De Kalb, MS

6-9-2019 Domestic Violence Hwy 39 N DE Kalb, MS

6-14-2019 Burglary Old Rock Rd Porterville, MS

6-21-2019 Burglary of Dwelling Broach Rd Daleville, MS

6-23-2019 Arson Enondale Rd Porterville, MS

6-23-2019 Disturbance of Family Firetower Rd Porterville, MS

6-24-2019 Larceny Firetower Rd DE Kalb, MS

6-28-2019 Destruction of Private Property Hwy 16 West DE Kalb, MS


May 2019 Community Occurrences

May 2019 Incident Report

5-8-19 Identity Theft Philadelphia Rd De Kalb, MS  

5-10-19 Identity Theft Foreman Toles Rd De Kalb, MS

5-17-19 Simple Assault Hwy 397 Preston, MS

5-20-19 Gun Stolen Broach Rd Daleville, MS


April 2019 Community Occurrences

April 2019 Incident Report

4-19-19 Identity Theft Highway 397 Preston, MS

4-22-19 Stolen Utility Trailer Hwy 16 East Scooba, MS

4-23-19 Accident Self Inflicted Gunshot Old Rock Rd Porterville, MS


March 2019 Community Occurrences

March 2019 Incident Report

3-2-19 B&E Hwy 397 Preston, MS

3-2-19 Stolen Vehicle Mt Nebo Rd De Kalb, MS

3-3-19 Shoplifting Highway 16 West De Kalb, MS

3-7-19  B & E Butler Rd De Kalb, MS

3-12-19 Breaking & Entering Vent Houston Rd De kalb, MS

3-20-19 Burglary of Dwelling Limerick Rd Shuqualak, MS

3-26-19 Disorderly Conduct Valley Rd Preston, MS

3-29-19 Stolen Vehicle Old Jackson Rd De Kalb, MS

3-29-19 Simple Assault Roosevelt Rd Scooba, MS

Notice of Changes to Text Alert System on Website

The Kemper County Sheriff’s Office will upgrade its text message alert notification feature on or before March 29, 2019. The upgraded text alert system will feature a new link in the message body. The messages will continue to come from 96167 or 470-219-3777. Below is an example of a current alert with the current link and a sample of the same alert with the new link:

As shown above, the message body will have a Subject line and a From address of Kemper Sheriff MS. There will still be an option to change subscription at the bottom of the message.

To sign up for alert notifications from our office, to change your subscription, or to unsubscribe from our alerts, please go to our Sign Up for Alerts page: https://www.kempercountysheriff.com/alerts 

The Kemper County Sheriff’s Office welcomes any feedback from the community on this text alert upgrade. To provide feedback, please contact us at 601-743-2255.

As always, we wish to thank the public for their continued support of law enforcement. We believe the unique partnership we have between the public and law enforcement enhances the security and quality of life we all enjoy.

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February 2019 Community Occurrences

February 2019 Incident Report

2-20-19 Simple Assault Hwy 16 Scooba, MS

2-22-19 Grand Larceny Binnsville Rd Scooba, MS

2-28-19 Grand Larceny Lancaster Rd DE Kalb,MS


January 2019 Community Occurrences

January 2019 Incident Report

1-4-2019 B&E Hwy 39 North DE Kalb, MS

1-10-2019 Disturbance Bloomfield Rd Preston, MS

1-14-2019 Shoplifting Hwy 16 West DE Kalb, MS


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