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Bomb Threat To Court House


 The Kemper County Sheriff's Office, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency and the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security are monitoring 29 bomb threats to county courthouses across the state.

The bomb threats began around 1 p.m. today and continued through the afternoon.  Local officials notified the MSOHS, MEMA and the FBI.  Those counties then began the process of investigating these threats.  As of this afternoon several courthouses have been cleared and have returned to normal operations.

“At this time, bomb threats have been called in to 29 courthouses across the state.  The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security along with the Jackson Division of the FBI is currently working this issue,” said MSOHS Director Jay Ledbetter. “These bomb threats are coming in to county courthouses and may sound like a recording or scripted message.  If your courthouse receives one of these bomb threats, take all required precautions and notify the FBI, MEMA or the Fusion center, as soon as possible to inform them of your threat.”

These bomb threats are similar to those received last month in four other states, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington.  None of the threats were found to be credible.

Anybody with information on who may be responsible for these threats should contact the Mississippi Fusion Center at 601-933-7200 or the Jackson FBI office at 601-948-5000 and the Kemper County Sheriff's Office at 601-743-4880ext 101

Mississippi averages around 400 bomb threats every year.  Residents should take all threats seriously until a building or area has been cleared by law enforcement officials