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February, March, and April Community Occurrences


If at any time, you as a citizen see anything that you think is out of the ordinary, please contact the Sheriff’s Dept.  It could be your information that assists in solving a crime.  Listed below are some recent incidents that have occurred in our county.  


On February 3, 2013 a house Burglary occurred on Hopewell Rd., where cash money and a handgun was taken.

On February 15, 2013 a garage was broken into on Lynville Rd, where a Troy Built Generator was stolen.


During the month of March 2013, there were three separate incidents on the Warren Town Road, where property was stolen.  The items are as follows:

03/01/2013   1951 Red International Tricycle Tractor

03/10/2013   Scrap Metal (old plow, ac window unit, dishwasher, tool chest, pieces of I Beam)

03/27/2013   Zero Turn Riding Mower ( Red & Grey) and a Murry Push Lawn Mower


On March 22, 2013  DeKalb Christ Assembly of God Church was broken into on Hwy 16 West of DeKalb.  Entrance was gained by breaking out a window on the back of the church.  Items taken were a guitar, cash money and checks. 

 On March 28, 2013 a Burglary occurred on Watkins Rd, where the following items were stolen:

  1. New England12 gauge shotgun

  2.  Marlin 22 rifle

  3.  32 inch LCD Television

  4.  84 Honda 3 Wheeler


 On March 31, 2013 at a residence on Rogers Road in Porterville, a Kubota ATV was stolen.  The ATV was chained together with a lawn mower.  The chain had been cut and the ATV stolen.  The motion sensor lights also had been disabled.


On April 17, 2013  Pleasant Grove Church, located on Fort Stephens Rd was broken into.  Entrance was gained by breaking a window on the back of the church.  Items taken were some snack food, a bucket of change, cash and a couple of lighters.


On April 26, 2013 there was an attempted Burglary at Big Oak United Methodist Church and the Family Life Building located on Old Jackson Road near Hwy 495 S.  Windows on the rear of the church and Family Life Building were broken.  No items were reported missing.