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June Community Occurrences


06/01/2013  Burglary of a residence on Hwy 16 West, where 9 guns, a laptop computer and jewelry were taken.


06/01/2013  Burglary of a building located at Lignite Plant, where a laptop computer was taken.


06/06/2013  A Kawasaki Mule 600 was stolen from a residence on Warren Town Rd.


06/09/2013   Burglary of a building on Nathan Pilgrim Rd., where an air compressor, circular saw, car stereo and meter base were stolen.


 06/10/2013   Vehicle burglary at a residence on Tamola Rd., where both front doors were damaged and the right front window was busted.


06/12/2013   Burglary of a residence on Chisolm Cemetery Rd., where 2 guns and jewelry were taken.


06/12/2013  Burglary of a residence on Blackwater-493 Rd., where a television was taken.


06/20/2013  Burglary of a residence on Charles Chisolm Rd., where several guns, electronics and cash were stolen.


06/29/2013  Attempted burglary of a residence on Nathan Pilgrim Rd.  The storm door glass was busted.  No items missing from residence.