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July and August Community Occurrences


July 2013 

07-04-2013   Simple Assault on Hwy 493, Near Coal Plant

07-11-2013  Accidental Shooting on Webb Goodin Road

07-15-2013   B & E  Kemper Springs Rd.

07-17-2013  Identity theft

07-21-2013  Vehicle Theft on New Hope Rd.

07-22-2013  Grand Larceny (ATV stolen from Hunting Camp, Hwy 16 E.)

07-31-2013    Stolen Vehicle on Chisholm Cemetery Rd.


August 2013

08-02-2013  Vandalism of Vehicle located on Old Rock Rd. in Porterville

08-05-2013  Burglary of Residence (Stolen Television) from Bealman Rd.

08-06-2013  Utility Theft--residence on New Hope Rd.

08-09-2013  Burglary of Shed (Gibson Rd.)

08-09-2013  Burglary of Residence (Blackwater -493 Rd.)

08-10-2013  Burglary of Building  (5th St. Scooba)

08-10-2013  Burglary  of Residence  (Fatty Laggette Rd.)

08-14-2013  Burglary of Building (Porterville Rd.)

08-20-2013  Trespass  (Deville Apts.)

08-26-2013  Larceny  (Pleasant Grove Church Rd.)

08-27-2013  Larceny (Hwy 16 West)

08-27-2013  Burglary (Little Zion Calvert Rd.)

08-27-2013  Grand Larceny of UTV (Six Mile Rd., Scooba)