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October Community Occurrences


 Incidents reported during the month of October 2013

10-01-2013  Tools reported stolen from an office at Kemper Lignite Coal Plant. 

10-07-2013  A large amount of jewelry reported missing from a residence on Dozier Rd. in Scooba.

10-10-2013  Cash and a tool box taken from residence on Old DeKalb Scooba Rd.

10-11-2013  A caterpillar D-5 dozer, belonging to Kemper County, was stolen from St. Johns Road.

10-11-2013  Rifles, Muzzle loaders, shotguns and scopes were stolen from a residence on Hwy 493.

10-19-2013  Broken window on vehicle at Moscow RV Park.

10-23-2013  Air Compressor stolen from a storage shed behind a residence on Hwy 495 S.

10-27-2013  Snapper Riding Lawn Mower, Chain Saw and misc. items stolen from residence on Rocky Rd. in Preston.

10-30-2013  Handgun, shoes, clothing and jewelry were stolen from a residence onBealman Rd.