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January 2016 Community Occurrences


01-01-16  Burglary of vacant house on Rusty Wright Rd, Bailey, MS--doors,

                  light fixtures, and blinds were taken


 01-04-16  Burglary of house on Hwy 495 S.--A Kenmore Electric Stove was taken


01-07-16  Burglary of house on Bethal Church Rd.--2 tv’s, laptop, and remote were taken


01-08-16  Burglary of house on Hwy 495 S.--A stove and refrigerator were taken


01-09-16  Vehicle Fire on Beulah Church Rd.


01-10-16  Vandalism to a Mobile Home on Porterville Rd.


01-14-16  Malicious Mischief at Stennis Industrial Park Rd., destroying a camera


01-19-16  House Burglary on Hwy 39 S.--Several Guns, Record Collection,

Copper, Dryer Motors, and a Cabinet were taken 


01-23-16  Burglary of a business on Hampton Rd. in Collinsville--A Tiller, Go Cart, Ramps, Generators, Honda Engine, Starters, Transmission,  and Carburetors were taken


01-23-16   Disturbance at Deville Apts. on Hwy 39 N.


01-29-16  Grand Larceny from MS IGCC Plant on Hwy 493--A large amount of Copper was taken


01-30-16  Suicide Attempt on Ross Store Rd.