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April 2016 Community Occurrences



4-01-2016 Theft of a cell phone on Suttle Rd., Preston

4-01-2016 Theft of a LG Tablet from Vent Houston Rd, DeKalb

4-04-2016 Cattle trailer stolen from Hwy 397, Preston

4-05-2016 Window of truck shot while parked on Beulah Church Rd., DeKalb

4-07-2016 Disturbance on Gilbert Joyner Rd. in Bailey

4-11-2016 Radio, Speakers, Amp, Battery & Tools stolen out 
of parked vehicle on Townsend Rd. & Hwy 45

4-12-2016 Burglary of Residence on Old 45 Rock Rd., Porterville (4 TVs, PlayStation, watch, cellphone, pistol, rifle, etc. stolen)

4-12-2016 Vandalism of a vehicle on Hwy 498, Porterville

4-21-2016 Chainsaw, oil, and gas taken out of vehicle on County Line Rd.

4-25-2016 Theft of road signs, Huffmaster Rd & Prismatic Caldwell Rd.

4-25-2016 Trespassing/Discharge of Firearm on Walter Reed Rd.

4-25-2016 Shoplifting from Pilgrim's Foodliner

4-30-2016 Disorderly Conduct at a Business on Scooba St.

4-30-2016 Vehicle Fire on Fire Tower Rd.