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May 2016 Community Occurrences


Incident Reports  

5-01-2016 Accidental shooting on Suttle Rd.                                                   

5-10-2016 Burglary of residence on Nell Burnett Rd.                               

5-11-2016 Vandalism of a vehicle on Jerusalem Rd.                                     

5-13-2016 Disturbance call on McRae Ave., DeKalb                                        

5-13-2016 Suspicious Persons on Bethel Rd.                                                

5-14-2016 Attempted Theft of Lawn Mower on Zion Rd.                              

5-15-2016 Disturbance Call on New Hope Rd.                            

5-26-2016 Box Blade Stolen from Bethel Church Rd.                                                 

5-18-2016 Complaint of an assault on Fisher Ave., DeKalb                           

5-22-2016 Disturbance with a weapon at Turn Key Apts. in Scooba           

5-23-2016 Tablet stolen from vehicle on Tamola Rd., Lauderdale               

5-23-2016 Disturbance of Family on Hwy 16 E. of DeKalb                            

5-24-2016 Vandalism of Vehicle on Hwy 39 S.