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July 2016 Community Occurrences


7-09-16 Mail Box Ran over on Lynnville Rd. DeKalb, MS

7-13-16 Vandalized property on Vent Houston Rd DeKalb, MS

7-14-16 Introduction of Contraband into the Correctional Facility

7-18-16 Stolen Vehicle from Key Town Rd.

7-19-16 House & Vehicle Vandalized on Copeland Lane Preston, MS

7-21-16 Lock cut off gate on Firetower Rd. DeKalb, MS

7-26-16 Guitar Amplifier, Peavey PA System, Sony Flat Screen TV, stolen from Liberty Church

Hwy 493

7-27-16 Vandalism( Spray Paint on Buildings) of Frazier Grove Church of God on Frazier Grove

Bailey, MS

7-29-16 Vandalism of a vehicle at the Western Motel in Scooba, MS

7-29-16 Arson of Stolen Automobile Vehicle Located on Holly Hailey Rd