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August 2016 Occurrences


8-02-16 Unauthorized use of credit card

8-09-16 Disturbance at Deville Apts. Hwy 39 N

8-14-16 Vandalism to a residence on Brown Rd Porterville, MS

8-15-16 Disturbance (Shots Fired) on Terry Road in Porterville, MS

8-16-16 Lawn Mower stolen from residence on Blues Chapel Rd Scooba, MS

8-16-16 Vehicle Vandalized at a residence on Zion Rd Collinsville, MS

8-16-16 Responded to an attempted Suicide at the Park in DeKalb, MS

8-16-16 Attempted Burglary of a house on Binnsville Rd Scooba, MS

8-18-16 Breaking & Entering of a shed on Suttle Rd in Preston , MS

8-21-16 Burglary of a Business on Binnsville Rd in Scooba, MS

8-31-16 Credit Card Fraud