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October 2016 Occurrences


10-02-16 Farm equipment stolen from property on Neely town road.

10-05-16 Disturbance of Family at residence located on Hwy 16 E.

10-05-16 Assault and Malicious Mischief reported at a residence on Kellis Store Rd.

10-06-16 Jewelry stolen from a residence on Moore Rd in Porterville

10-08-16 Disturbance at a residence on Nathan Scott Lane

10-08-16 DUI arrest on Hwy 39 South

10-10-16 Trespassing complaint on Otho Rtoberts Rd.

10-13-16 Burglary of Hunting Camp on Hwy 39 N.

10-13-16 Report of Attempted Suicide from Apts. Hwy 39 N.

10-14-16 Telephone Harassment complaint form residence on Sunflower Rd.

10-14-16 Outdoor furniture stolen from a residence on Johnny Puckett road

10-15-16 Disturbance on Sanders Street in Scooba.

10-16-16 Report of a disturbance on Suttle Road in Preston.

10-16-16 Cell Phone stolen from Suttle Road in Preston

10-19-16 Vacant house broke into on Wooten Road.