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November 2016 Occurrences


11-01-2016 Domestic Violence call on Butler Rd in DeKalb.

11-03-2016 Vandalism of a vehicle on Albert Blanks Rd.

11-04-2016 Subject arrested for Disorderly Conduct & Resisting Arrest in Chevron Parking Lot

11-04-2016 Residential Burglary where 3 TV’s , PlayStation 3, Jewelry was taken

11-09-2016 Report of Domestic Assault at residence in Preston.

11-10-2016 Vandalism of a vehicle on New Hope Rd.

11-10-2016 Nuisance animal complaint on Nathan Pilgrim Rd.

11-13-2016 Burglary of a vehicle at Cefco Parking Lot

11-15-2016 Identity Theft reported from an individual on Luke Rd in Preston.

11-16-2016 Vehicle Burglary on Broach Rd where cash was taken from the car.

11-16-2016 Burglary of Vehicle on Blackwater-493 Rd.

11-17-2016 Identity Theft from an individual on Avery Rd. in Scooba

11-18-2016 Stolen Vehicle from Matthew Jackson Rd. in Preston

11-24-2016 Vandalism to a vehicle on Little Zion Rd.

11-24-2016 Grass/Woods fire on Zion Rd.

11-24-2016 Grass/Woods fire on Zion Hampton Rd.

11-26-2016 Counterfeit $20.00 bill was passed at Chevron in DeKalb

11-26-2016 Shoplifting and Display of Firearm at Cefco/Texaco Hwy 16/39.

11-28-2016 Theft of Utilities at residence on Foreman Tolls Rd.