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December 2016 Community Occurrences



12-5-2016 Fraud on 498 East Porterville MS

12-6-16 Burglary of a vehicle took a cell phone Jerusalem Rd De Kalb MS

12-12-16 Accidental Shooting Sinai Rd Preston MS

12-14-16 Burglary took 32” TV Old Jackson Rd De Kalb MS

12-17-16 Possession of Crack/Cocaine Hwy 39 North De Kalb MS

12-20-16 Identity Theft/ Credit Card Fraud Philadelphia Rd De Kalb MS

12-20-16 Identity Theft Hwy 21 S Preston MS

12-23-16 Stolen Vehicle Valley Rd Preston MS

12-24-16 Welfare Check Six Mile Road Scooba MS

12-24-16 Burglary of a home take was IPhone 5, 2 Gold Plated Necklaces w/ charms, 2 box of cologne, 1 pair of red basketball shoes James Jones Rd De Kalb MS

12-25-16 Shooting on Bloomfield Rd Preston MS