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March 2017 Community Occurrences


March 2017 Incident Report

3-3-17 B&E New Hope Rd DeKalb,MS Missing items 32’ Flat Screen TV and Power aid bottle with change inside

3-4-17 Theft Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS Stolen item Nine West Purse

3-9-17 Fraud, by wire Hwy 16 West DeKalb, MS

3-12-17 Assault Quinton Nunn Road DeKalb, MS

3-13-17 Burglary of Dwelling Lynville Rd De Kalb, MS Missing items Marlin Pump Shotgun, $500-$600 in loose change, Stainless steel small BHG Grill and cookware, Hummingbird depth finder, Dwelt Impact Drill, Pitch Perfect DVD, Yankee Candle, Cereal, Gold I phone 5S Gold, White I phone 4

3-15-17 Lustful Touching of a Child John C. Stennis  Avenue De Kalb, MS

3-16-17 Shoplifting Philadelphia Rd De Kalb, MS

3-16-17 Shoplifting Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS

3-19-17 Domestic Disturbance Willie Clark Rd DeKalb, MS

3-22-17 Burglary Center Ridge Church Rd Porterville, MS Missing 51 individual pieces of cement benches

3-29-17 Trespassing less than larceny/ Joy Riding Veterans St DeKalb, MS