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May 2017 Community Occurrence


May 2017 Incident Report

5-6-17 Shooting into a Motor Vehicle Brown Rd Porterville, MS

5-6-17 Vandalism Pleasant Hill Church Rd Collinsville, MS

5-9-17 Assault Hwy 16 West De Kalb, MS

5-10-17 Auto Burglary Philadelphia Rd De Kalb, MS

5-14-17 Vandalism Hwy 39 N De Kalb, MS

5-18-17 Burglary missing item: M&P Smith &Wesson A.R. Assault Rifle(Iron Sights), Benali 12 Gauge Pump with Pistol Grip (3 point sling), 52” Samsung TV, 1000 Round of 556 Ammo.

Davis Ishee Allen Rd DeKalb, MS

5-20-17 Vandalism Hwy 45 Porterville, MS

5-25-17 Malicious Mischief Townsend Rd De Kalb, MS

5-30-17 Theft Hwy 39N DeKalb, MS