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November 2017 Occurrences


November 2017 Incident Report

11-1-2017 Domestic Violence Edward Nave Drive Scooba, MS

11-4-2017 Stolen Utility Trailer Hwy 16 E De Kalb, MS

11-5-2017 Attempted B&E Moore Rd Porterville, MS

11-7-2017 Identity Theft Avery Rd Scooba, MS

11-11-2017 Disturbance of Peace Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS

11-16-2017 Vandalism of a Vehicle Neelytown Rd De Kalb, MS

11-17-2017 Stolen Items Depot Hill Street De Kalb, MS

11-18-2017 Vandalism of Vehicle Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS

11-18-2017 B&E Sinai Rd De Kalb, MS

11-20-2017 Stolen Batteries Neely Town Rd De Kalb, MS

11-24-2017 Destruction of Private Property Chisolm Rd

11-24-2017 Theft Hwy 16 De Kalb, MS