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June 2019 Community Occurrences


June 2019 Incident Report

6-4-2019 B&E Hwy 39 South DE Kalb, MS  

6-4-2019 Malicious Mischief Bloomfield Rd Preston, MS

6-4-2019 Burglary Hwy 39 S De Kalb, MS

6-9-2019 Domestic Violence Hwy 39 N DE Kalb, MS

6-14-2019 Burglary Old Rock Rd Porterville, MS

6-21-2019 Burglary of Dwelling Broach Rd Daleville, MS

6-23-2019 Arson Enondale Rd Porterville, MS

6-23-2019 Disturbance of Family Firetower Rd Porterville, MS

6-24-2019 Larceny Firetower Rd DE Kalb, MS

6-28-2019 Destruction of Private Property Hwy 16 West DE Kalb, MS