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The Kemper County Sheriff's Department patrols some 850 miles of county roads in an area of 766 square miles. The county is divided into patrol zones to facilitate scheduling in all areas of the county. The chief deputy is responsible for such scheduling and does it in a way not to establish a pattern and does so to provide maximum patrol visibility for the entire county. Patrolling is done primarily with marked patrol units and supplemented when needed with unmarked units. Maximum visibility of patrol units is a deterrent to crime and is one of the pro-active means of crime prevention. Patrol deputies live in different areas of the county to maximum extent possible in order to further provide total coverage.

K8.Daniel HaggardK2 Daniel Haggard K4.Arnold Jenkins
K4 Arnold Jenkins
K5.Welsey Hazelwood
K5 Wesley Hazelwood

K7.Byron Walker
K7 Byron Walker


K8 Dylan Fulton

K12 Shawn Shoemake

K13 Chris Fairchild

K14 Eric Scott




k153.jpgK15 Jeff Nicholas





K16.jpgK16 Cadre Hampton


k173.jpg K17 Keenan Hellesto



K19 Greg  Campbell 




K19.Greg Campbell
K20 Michael Allen
K22 Tim Hardy




K23 Dennis Green